Training Centres In London And Nottingham

Mason vs Brookside On Saturday!

What Went Down At 'Yorkfest' Results

One Of The London Trainers, Johnny Kidd
James Mason Meets Robbie Brookside This Saturday In Stamford! Ross Jordan, Appeared During The Five-Day York Event This Past Week
Two RBW training centres are now open in both London and Nottingham.

Fully insured and qualified trainers such as Johnny Kidd, Keith Myatt, Jorge Castano, Rainz, Sammy Ray and Corey Davis are on hand to assist anyone who wishes to learn professional wrestling.

There is no better time than now to train to be a professional wrestler!

Please visit the Training Section for more information.

Just announced for Saturday's event in Stamford, Lincolnshire is a huge heavyweight contest putting England's star grappler, James Mason, against Liverpool's famous "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside.

Many RBW fans have been campaigning for this contest to take place at some point, and RBW are delighted to be able to offer such a quality bout at the first event in Stamford.

Please visit the Events Section for more information.

This past week was the five-day event at the York Knavesmire racecourse in Yorkshire. Branded as 'Yorkfest', attractions included RBW live wrestling, which saw a staggering forty-three contests put on within the five days.

Wrestlers appearing included "The Gift" Ross Jordan, Sammy Ray, Tex Benedict, Stixx, Marc Mignot, Rainz, Ghloom and more.

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RBW have some more two-sets of tickets to give away for the next Enfield, London/Middlesex event on Saturday 19th June.

The show contains:

Eight Man Tag Team Main Event

"Wildcat" Robbie Brookside, "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite, Sammy Ray and Eamon O'Neil
Southern Alliance - "The Gift" Ross Jordan, Stixx, J.C Thunder and Chris Wyld

British Welterweight Championship

Sammy Ray (c) (London)
J.C Thunder (London)

Heavyweight Contest

"Wildcat" Robbie Brookside (Liverpool)
Stixx (London)

Tag Team Contest

"The Gift" Ross Jordan (Hertfordshire) & Chris Wyld (Maidstone)
Eamon O'Neil (Portsmouth) & "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite (Wolverhampton)

RBW New Generation Contest



Enfield 19/06/04 PREVIEW VIDEO (5.55mb)

To gain a chance in winning these tickets, all you have to do is answer the simple question below.

How many wrestlers at this event, will represent the Southern Alliance group?


To answer, please send an e-mail to, with your answer, name,
e-mail address and contact telephone number.

All entries must be received by Thursday 17th June. The tickets are non-transferable.


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